Angular 5 is the latest framework for building web applications using typescript. Recently, angular team is skipped the version 3.x because, router package is shipped with 3.x previously, so instead of putting into 3.x, choose to move to 4.x. Current latest version is 5

Monday, 17 October 2016

Angular 2.0 Introduction

One framework for Web and Mobile.

Let me explain quickly about Angular 2.0

what is Angular2 ?
Angular is the popular framework for building single page heavy weight web applications.
In a standard web apps, when you click on the link- the entire page is reloaded. Instead of loading the entire page - web replace with a view which is in content area with another view.

Angular is backed by Google and most popular framework which has large community support.

I will explain the angular application development in modular, maintainable way.

Angular 2.0 is an entirely new framework compared to Angular 1.

We are using typescript in this version.

I will explain more  How modules and components are loaded each in detail.

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