Angular 5 is the latest framework for building web applications using typescript. Recently, angular team is skipped the version 3.x because, router package is shipped with 3.x previously, so instead of putting into 3.x, choose to move to 4.x. Current latest version is 5

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Angular2 is a complete rewrite

In Angular 1.x typical component

Route Of Controller:
  controller : 'MyAppController',
  templateUrl :'myapp.html'

angular.module('myapp').controller('MyAppController', function($scope){

$scope.message = "I am learning angular2 basics to expertise";


View mount of controller:

<div ng-controller = "MyAppController">

In Angular2 :

import { Component } from 'angular2/angular2';
@Component ({
selector :'my-widget',
template: '{{message}}',
imputs: ['message']
exports class MyAppClass {
    constructor (public msg: string){

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