Angular 5 is the latest framework for building web applications using typescript. Recently, angular team is skipped the version 3.x because, router package is shipped with 3.x previously, so instead of putting into 3.x, choose to move to 4.x. Current latest version is 5

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Systemjs in angular2 - Universal dynamic module loader

Problem :
If the project having lot more dependencies, difficult to maintain.
Lot more script tags are problem.
We  have a SystemJS, which can solve all these problems.

SystemJS is a very good dynamic module loader an open source javascript framework.
When we create a project, we devide the project into small components.
For example, I am building an HRMS system. I will create component for Employee, Departments
I will add Employee.js to js folder

function Employee() {
Then add Departments.js to js folder
function Department(){

In order to load these files in my html, I need to add

<meta charset=”utf-8” />



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